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Novita Humidifier NH659

Rs. 2,800.00
  • Product description:

    We are leading supplier of Portable Humidifier in India. We offer humidifiers that are used in millions of homes in order to improve air quality. These humidifiers are able to add valuable moisture to indoor air, which can help to alleviate a number of problems. Our offered Humidifier NH 659 can provide a very effective solution to improved air quality and health, but it is crucial that it is used and maintained properly in order to enjoy the benefits without experiencing any discomfort or health risks.

    Features :


    • 40 watts Ultrasonic Technology
    • 125 watts Heat Vaporizing Technology
    • Coverage up to 180 sq.ft. or 17 meter square
    • Continuous humidification minimum 16 hrs for cold and 12 hrs for warm mist
    • Touch screen panel


    Dimensions (W x D x H) 240 x 180 x 327 mm
    Empty Weight 3.6 kg
    Power Consumption Ultrasonic: 40 Watts
    Recommended Coverage Up to 180 sq. ft or 17 m²
    Tank Capacity 5.0 liters
    Humidification Cool: 300 ml / hr
    Rate Warm: 400 ml / hr
    · Continuous Cool:Minimum 16 hours
    Humidification Warm: Minimum 12 hours
    Humidifier Control LED Display x Screen
    Humidity Status room
    Humidifier Settings

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