How do you arrive at the selling price for a product?
The reason our prices are far lesser than other comparable options is because our products are pre-owned by diplomats, embassies and expats from around the world. Our prices have been compared to those of the similar products in the second-hand market. We compare using various data including current prices of new furniture, as well as the history of our previous sales.
Do you ship to my city and location?
For a superlative customer experience, we deliver each product personally. For now, we deliver goods across Delhi-NCR only. However, we are planning to expand our services to Pune, Hyderabad & Bangalore in the near future.  

What is the estimated delivery time?
Since we deliver within Delhi-NCR only at present, our products are typically dispatched within a day of order confirmation. We offer a 3 day delivery promise in Delhi-NCR. A nominal delivery charge will be added to your order and communicated to you by our Delivery Manager.
Someone from our team will contact you prior to dispatch to ensure your availability to receive the item. We are also happy to dispatch the item at a convenient time when you can receive it.

Are there any delivery charges and installation cost?
Yes. The charges vary from case to case, depending on the product purchased. For example, the delivery charges for a grand piano shall be higher than a sofa delivery. 

As part of our policy, our delivery manager shall confirm the estimated delivery charges before the dispatch of any of your products.

You don't deliver in my city, how can I still get the goods if I really want to?
Do let us know which city you are ordering from, we will give you a delivery and installation (if applicable) quotation and will make sure that we deliver to you.

How can I have my whole house furnished by you?

Congratulations on your dream purchase! We will guide you through this exciting time for your family. All you need is to call us and book an appointment for consultation. Our experts will meet you at a convenient time to discuss and plan in accordance with your requirements.

What warranty does Diplomat Goods offer?
We offer one month seller's warranty for any manufacturing defects.


I want to customize one of your products, can I do that?
We’d love to hear from you to see how our products can improve. However, at this point, we are unable to offer customization for any of our products. 

Can I see the products before I buy?
Of course. We encourage our buyers to visit our warehouse and hand-pick their products. Just book an appointment on +91-9953786111 and we will show you around.

What are my payment options?
We offer Cash-on-Delivery across most locations in Delhi-NCR. However, you can pay for your products online by using your credit or debit cards or payment wallets. We do not accept payment by cheques at the moment. 

Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel an order either before it reaches your home, or at the time of delivery to get a full refund. However, we are unable to take cancellation requests after the product has been delivered.